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The story of Isabella and her twin sister, Alyssa…

It is difficult to experience such joy and such pain at the same time… Sadly, Isabella’s twin passed away at three weeks old…Her parents never want her to forget her twin sister so it was so important to include special momento’s of their precious little girl… Both babies were born at 28 weeks gestation and…

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Welcome baby Luca…Burlington newborn photographer

So wonderful to meet your lovely family Jennifer!  The girls were wonderful and Luca was a dream! Enjoy Grampa Tony and Gramma Sandy!

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T.J. & Amanda…Baby Benjamin…Bowmanville newborn photographer

Beautiful baby…Beautiful couple…lovely, lovely little family!  Benjamin was two weeks old for his first photo shoot!  Typically, under 10 days is the magic age but he was pretty magical for 2 weeks!  He just didn’t want to miss anything! Congratulations T.J. and Amanda and  Grampa Wally and Nana Nina!

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Welcome Tatiana…Hamilton newborn photographer…

I have photographed Tatiana’s big sister Tamara so I was thrilled to hear about her new baby!.. we did this session is two segments….Tatiana hung in there for everything with her family and sister….By the time we got to her, she had had enough so we only got a few poses…She came one more time…

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Erica’s expecting…Brampton maternity photographer…

Such a fun session…Looking forward to meeting your new baby boy!!!

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Lovely little Kathryn…Burlington newborn photographer

This sweet little girl was born 4  weeks early so she was just a tiny little thing for her photo session! She was such a good little girl and barely made a peep but she really liked to pee! lol! She put up with me and all the different poses and positions that I put…

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