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Dragana’s family…Burlington, Ontario lifestyle photographer

This is the real way to capture family moments! I loved this session… a little different from my usual…..

A very special family….. Olivia Act… Burlington newborn photographer…

I was so honored to be a part of this family’s memories…They were nominated by a close family friend for a free photo session with me… I started this last year as a good will promotion honouring familes in light of the Sandy Hook Tragedy.  This little family has had their share of very bad times…Ryan (Dad) was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. He and his wife (Jen) never thought that they would be able to have a baby…Their first concern was for Ryan’s survival…. And it was definitely a huge battle!  Jen’s pregnancy was complicated but their daughter arrived safely…beautiful little Kailyn!  I am so touched by this amazing couple’s spirit and their pure love and joy for their brand new baby girl! Cancer changes many things…But it makes you appreciate life every single day… They never gave up… And they have the most wonderful, happy ending…. Kailyn!!! (but she left her mark and pooped in Daddy’s hands!) lol!             I have the very best job in the world!


Georgina Craig - March 22, 2014 - 8:13 pm

Beautiful! Lovely! Heart-warming! Thank you for sharing!

kellywilk - March 22, 2014 - 8:33 pm

It was my pleasure! They were the lovliest family!

Olivia Rose

I had so much fun doing this photo session…   Olivia Rose is a clothing line based out of Mississauga, Ontario for little girls and babies….pretty, soft, whimsical…Exactly my style for photography! As a mom of three boys, I just cannot get enough girly things! You can find Olivia Rose the next time you are in Indigos Book Stores….   For more information on Olivia Rose, please click on this link….

Business Head Shots

Time to update your business head shots!  Your session takes about 20 minutes.  Your images will be available to view on a private, password protected gallery.  99.00 plus hst for 2 high resolution images on disk or e-mailed to you….

Felicia’s beautiful family… Burlington, Ontario family photogapher

This family is one of my first recipients of my “Olivia Act” offer.   I had such a hard time narrowing down the nominees so I offered a few mini sessions too! Life gets so busy!  There are so many other things that come up for families that take priority over a family photo session… But it is soooo important to do it!!! Their story is lovely… Their boys were SUPERSTARS!!!  They remind me so much of my three when they were little! Funny, but most people assume that I have daughters since I do tend to “girl out” for photo sessions but I have a special place in my heart for silly, fun, giggly little boys!  Hope you love your pics Felecia!!!  Thank you for nominating them Sabrina! Such a fun photo session!

Sweet little Maya… Burlington, Ontario newborn photographer…

It has been a while since I have posted to my blog… I’d like to say it was one of my New Year’s resolutions but it’s not! I just get sooooo busy!  Gonna give it another try! lol! This little sweetie was a complete angel for her photo shoot at just 9 days old…(all 6.6 pounds of her!) I am in love! Congrats Heather and Dom!  She is perfect!


Erin and her boys…Burlington family photographer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog so thought I would try and get back to business!  It gets so busy with all this social networking!  I had a great day with this beautiful family…Finally, a decent day to catch some beautiful Fall colours! I could not get over how BLUE these little guys eyes were!  Just gorgeous!

The story of Isabella and her twin sister, Alyssa…

It is difficult to experience such joy and such pain at the same time… Sadly, Isabella’s twin passed away at three weeks old…Her parents never want her to forget her twin sister so it was so important to include special momento’s of their precious little girl… Both babies were born at 28 weeks gestation and it was a battle for both  girls… This was a very emotional session for both the parents and myself…It brought back memories of my first baby and all the heart ache that went along with my very high risk pregnancy.. I, fortunately,  had a happy ending… Isabella’s mom and dad also have a happy ending because they are blessed with Isabella… but are suffering a great loss with their other daughter…. I hope these pictures bring you tears of happiness Hang…Isabella is heaven sent…

Emma and Olive’s summer visit…Calgary children’s photographer

It was so wonderful seeing Emma and Olive in the summer time…they usually come for a visit at Christmas so it was nice to be outside for some pictures for a change! Their mommy grew up in Burlington and spent many days at the beach so we thought it would be fun to go back! Enjoy!

Lin - July 1, 2013 - 3:54 pm

I can’t tell you haw grateful we are for capturing so many special moments of our family!! First ice cream truck Popsicle for both girls…first real beach for both girls!
Really feel lucky!

kellywilk - July 1, 2013 - 4:21 pm

Lindsay…It was my pleasure…I truly feel like you are just extended family! You and Clayton are amazing parents and your girls are as wonderful as they are because of the two of you!

Patrizia’s family…Hamilton family photogrpaher

Patrizia’s family was all together so a perfect day for family pics…Enjoy!

Gail and Barry’s ten year vow renewal…Burlington wedding photographer

I met Gail through her daughter Vanessa.  I have been photographing Vanessa and many of her family members for years, from maternity shoots to newborns to family sessions and weddings! It was so nice to pop by to take a few pictures of this wonderful celebration. Congratulations Gail and Barry!  Your dress was PERFECT Gail!

A beautiful little gem I discovered…

I received a phone call from a lovely lady asking me to come take a look at her beautiful old family home beside Dundern Castle in Hamilton.  She is thinking of offering it out to photographers (for a fee but quite reasonable) Her idea is for small intimate wedding photography or unique engagement photography.  I don’t really do very much wedding photography but I think it would be so charming….I’m thinking how cool it would be for some of my older children and families too…perhaps with some of my gorgeous vintage dresses for little girls!  Absolutely no way could we do toddlers or babies…too many little things everywhere…THAT would be my worse nightmare…and the parents too, I’m sure!

If anyone, is interested or would like to inquire as to her rate, please get in touch with me at…Local photographers too!   I think it would be a great alternative in case of inclement weather and her property literally is right beside Dundern Castle…Her house would not work for large wedding parties though…  I was in vintage heaven this afternoon!   The house just throws out positiver energy!

Introducing…7 week old baby Reyse…Mississauga newborn photographer

Reyse’s sisters had their newborn pictures taken at 7 weeks so her mom thought it was best to be consistent with all three.  I have to admit, 7 week olds are trickier to photograph then newborns but, wow, you can get some absolutely gorgeous shots that you just don’t get with day’s old babies! It just takes alot of patience…Reyse was wonderful when she wanted to be and that’s all I needed…Fortunately her big sisters were ANGELS and Reyse was on her best behaviour with them (for the most part…lol!) You have three beautiful, sweet little girls Connie! I had so much fun!

Welcome baby Luca…Burlington newborn photographer

So wonderful to meet your lovely family Jennifer!  The girls were wonderful and Luca was a dream! Enjoy Grampa Tony and Gramma Sandy!

Michelle’s family…Burlington, Ontario on location photographer

Can you believe the weather last night?  Torrential rain about half an hour before our session!  We had to change our plans at the last minute but the rain held up for the most part and we got some lovely shots…Overcast is truly a photographer’s dream! Not so much for the lady’s hair though! lol!   (Although these ladies looked gorgeous!)  What a beautiful family! I feel like I’ve known you for years! (that’s ’cause I’ve known you for years!!!)

Congratulations on reaching a milestone! Happy 50th wedding anniversary!!!!